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Welcome to my photographic sales galleries. I hope the lab and look will be easier for customer use.

As a freelance photographer based in the Texas Hill Country and living in the small town of Utopia I have adapted my newpaper shooting style to the variety of events that I shoot.

Feel free to check out my galleries and contact me if you need an event covered or a product I have not listed.

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I specialize in the field of editorial and stock photography and my experience is extensive in both digital and film. Freelance work has included wire services such as The Associated Press, Agency France- Presse and United Press International. I hope you enjoy visiting www.lonestarphotos.com and feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding my images, requesting assignments, or estimates on photo work.

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Utopia Prom Candids 2018

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Created 23-Apr-18
Modified 23-Apr-18
Utopia Prom Candids 2018

Utopia Ranch Rodeo 2018

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Modified 31-May-18
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Utopia High School Graduation

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Created 11-Jun-18
Modified 11-Jun-18
Utopia High School Graduation

Utopia 8th Grade Graduation

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Created 4-Jun-18
Modified 4-Jun-18
Utopia 8th Grade Graduation
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